On the Road Again

As you can see I’ve updated my Blog to a new site, WordPress. I hope this isn’t much of an inconvenience, however it seems a bit easier to manage and customize.

Anyway, in a mere eight days I’ll be off to Leuven once again. It has been a great break and I’ve had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. A quiet Christmas with the family to start off and a festive New Years in Baltimore to bring the break near its end (I know it is still more than a week, but it still seems like it has gone so fast!!!)

It will be great to see all twenty American-Nachbarians once again, and to endure another seven hour flight–though this time the faces will be familiar.

Just thought that I would start off with a nice easy post to let everyone know what I’m up to. It has been great to be back in America, but a return trip to Belgium is looming and I’m sure it will be a blast!!



~ by jrroem on January 4, 2011.

One Response to “On the Road Again”

  1. Hey brudder! You’re flying off to Leuven now, thinking of you in Oregon. Love you lots and can’t wait to hear from you and see your new blog!

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